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05 November 2010
Review of Capital One Bank

Banking is one of those things that is a necessity of life, as stuffing your mattress with cash isn't very conducive to the way business is conducted these days. However, many banks have failed to adopt a true customer service-oriented mentality, making the use of their services both painful and expensive. Ah, but thank goodness that in contrast to these institutions, we have Capital One.

Capital One's approach to banking is very apparently "put the customer first". One area in which they excel is their online banking facilities. In addition to having access to every aspect of your Capital One credit cards and accounts, they've also made it a simple process for new customers to open savings account, which can be done online without the need to spend one's time and gas driving to a physical branch. And, should a new customer have trouble navigating the Capital One web site, live online customer service is just a click away to assist in navigation or explaining available options.

Capital One has three different basic options when it comes to savings accounts, each designed to accommodate the varying needs of their customers. The InterestPlus package has the top annual yield, currently paying 1.3% APY, with a 10% quarterly bonus on qualifying accounts. This account requires a minimum balance of $1,000 in order to earn the top interest rate. Next in line with regard to yield is the High Yield Money Market savings account, with an annual percentage yield of 1.10%, but also with no minimum balance requirement in order to earn that return. Lastly is the Rewards Money Market account, that pays a 1.01% APY and additionally rewards its owners with travel miles based on the balance maintained! 

With Capital One's exceptionally high level of customer service and convenience, and with their equitable rates and customizable account options, there is no reason to bank anywhere else!

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