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27 June 2007
American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
American Airlines, if you were a gas, you would be malodiferous and noxious; if you were a teenage girl, you would be gangly and plain, nobody would ever ask you to the prom, and you would die a virgin.

This particular day, I've found myself with you, American Airlines, in an intimate setting, and all of the assumptions I had about you based on hearsay and things gleaned from between the lines over the years have turned out to be completely confirmed: you're absolutely hideous when it comes to everything you tout yourself to be good at.

Okay, I can understand that you can't do anything about the weather and that a major storm front between Dallas and DC is a good reason to keep the plane grounded on the tarmac while you calculate an alternate route. But THREE FREAKING HOURS to come to the conclusion that you're gonna have to go AROUND it? That amazing feat of absurdity is head-wagging in and of itself. Oh yes, you were "courteous" enough to give us updates every half hour, your likely under-paid captain reassuring the passengers that you were still working on coming up with an alternate route and that until somebody figured one out, we were "grounded indefinitely" (yes, he continued to use the word even three hours later...real good for morale, Einstein). But while we all sat there with nothing to do but cat nap and study the moles on our neighbors' necks, it took you two hours to even consider offering us a drink of water. Meanwhile, the "first class" passengers were being wined, dined, and doted upon continuously. By this time during the nightmare I'm noticing every little defect you have, American Airlines; the way you are sooo careful to ensure that you lay the little napkins face up...not to give me a nice map of the U.S. to look at like your MUCH more attractive competitor Southwest Airlines, but rather to shove your cheesy sleezy advertising in my face for Citi financial and their efforts to help me dig myself further into debt. I resent it, American Airlines, and say again: YOU SUCK!

THREE hours of letting gravity bring my coccyx and the metal frame of your undersized seat closer and closer to one another; three hours of my empty stomach attempting to implode upon itself, the anticipation of my obligatory snack growing more and more intense; wondering why, if you thought to bring me a drink (eventually), you didn't also think to offer me some peanuts or pretzels so I could satiate my hunger. Three hours later, when captain Smiley finally gave us the good news that the unseen geniuses who work with you had cleverly devised a solution to our dilemma and drew a line going AROUND the storm, I found out why you hadn't thought to offer me peanuts: YOU DON'T GIVE YOUR PASSENGERS PEANUTS! Ah, but you did lovingly offer to rape me by selling me a cookie for THREE DOLLARS! A 59 cent cookie, if that, for three bucks?!?!?

You truly do suck, American Airlines, without a doubt and unequivocably. You're a cheap, slutty, miserly, cruel, ugly thing who makes no secret of how little you truly care about your customer. The only thing about you that is remotely attractive (until one actually makes your acquaintance) is how CHEAP you are. You draw in the unsuspecting and unwary and milk them for all you can, then cast them out on the street, leaving them feeling quite used and abused. You hope that we'll go away thinking that "this is just the way flying is". Well, THIS traveler knows better, and can speak from experience when he says "YOU SUCK, AMERICAN AIRLINES!"

Ah, and the paradox of all paradoxes, the audacity you have when you speak lovingly to us over the intercome, "We know you have a choice when you fly, and thanks for choosing us
! We hope you'll come back!". More empty, absurd words could never be spoken, and if you, American Airlines, are naive enough to think that you are offering anything at all to the general public that is the LEAST bit attractive (besides being one of the cheapest ho's in town), you're sadly mistaken. I'm sure you adopted the line "we know you have a choice" from you more successful competitors and just thought you should say it, too; but you really shouldn't bother saying those words at all because it only makes you look even LESS business-savvy than you are.

If you ever want to have a hope of real success, of truly satisfying customers and making them WANT to return, American Airlines, then lay it to heart when I say, as a real world customer who currently loathes your very existence, "YOU SUCK!", and do something about that.

Doug out.

Posted by dougboude at 12:00 AM | PRINT THIS POST! |Link | 30 comments
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Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I think I would go mad if I had to sit on a plane for three hours on the ground. I'm 6' 5" tall and barely fit on any plane; I prefer the Exit row.

I fly Southwest, and Frontier. They have the best service and lowest fares. I've never sat on the ground for more than 15 minutes on Southwest or Frontier Airlines.

I flew Midwest Airlines to San Francisco two weeks ago, hoping their larger seats would be the best experience ever. Turns out while those seats are wider, there seems to somehow be even less legroom than on Southwest and Frontier. The legroom was an issue. Service was very good though and if you're not tall I would recommend Midwest Airlines too.

I won't fly American, United, Northwest, or Delta. I'd rather pay a few buck more and sit on a totally packed plane than fly with them. I look for non-stop too.

Posted by Jim Pickering on June 28, 2007 at 9:51 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Ameican Airlines sucks. It will rape a person any way it can for profit while providing crappy service. I was on a flight not too long ago and the entire stew pool disappeared to the front of the plane to have a little hanky panky with the pilots. It was disgusting and everyone knew it. This airline needs to clean up its act. I sat at a gate once where the pilots oogled and stared at every woman as though they had never seen or been with a woman. These guys were pigs. Any respectable man with experience with women would never act that way. I will never fly this line again. In addition to all that, I think the two piece, executive wanna be stew uniforms are too tight and too short. How do they breath? Professionalism is and and cheap appearances and service is out. I used to sympathize greatly with American Airlines after 9/11, but now I am not so sure I should. I feel horrible about all the lost lives, but I am not sure that it was not an inside job. When those stews disappeared to the front of the plane for mile high club action, I realized my safety was not a consideration for American Airlines.
Posted by LON on December 9, 2007 at 6:45 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Sorry, I made a type above.

I meant "professionalism is in and cheap appearances and poor service is out."
Posted by LON on December 9, 2007 at 6:47 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
My family and I had a really bad experience with AA on May 11, 2008. Please see my post on I wrote Gerald Arpey, CEO of AA directly. He passed my letter on to their "Customer Service" department and I received an e-mail basically stating, sucks to be you. I have again written Mr. Arpey directly and am waiting "HIS" response. Now with that said, there are no phone numbers to directly call anyone at AA corporate. You can only e-mail them from their website. This says to me that customers do not count. No one wants to talk to you directly. After much internet research, I now see why AA employees are disgruntled and why over a dozen have killed themselves and/or their families. It is very sad that AA just does not SEEM to care about me as a consumer and MANY, MANY others but they don't care about the very people that make their company run unless they are upper management. I am sure Mr. Arpey and his family have wonderful flying experiences when they take their family trips. That is wonderful for them but what about the rest of us? Many blogger have suggested that we are to write letters to AA management. I have! AA is much like the movie the Wizzard of Oz. There is no clear way to get in touch with the "Wizzard." There are only smoke and mirrors. While at O'Hare on May 11th, I kindly asked several different AA employees for a number to contact customer service. They each handed me a pre-printed paper that said please call this 800 number with any questions. Almost like Mission Impossible, the number would self-destruct in 24 hours. This says to me that they do not want to hear my voice. After calling the number and becoming entraped by a web of voice commands, I realized that there would be no actual living person to take my call. Again, this told me, I do not matter. I am amazed that a company with this many complaints and internal problems can still be in operation. I feel truly sorry for all the AA employees even though many of them make way more an hour than I do as a school teacher. I see WHY the majority act rudely but I cannot agree that they SHOULD act that way. There are many days I want to take somneone's head off verbally. All jobs have their stress. It is not easy dealing with parents who think their children do no wrong BUT that does NOT give me the right to act unprofessionaly. I don't make what I feel like I should. Do you? I feel teachers are worth way more than they are paid but do I take it out on my students? Of course not! Bottom-line: I would just love to see AA go out of business. Get the fat cats at the top out on the runway at another airline doing the hard labor for a change.
Justice is mine saith the Lord. AA will meet its demise.
Posted by Susan Reid on June 8, 2008 at 8:13 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Gerard Arpey is an idiot. After the last few months, we can see that American Airlines is nothing more than a three ring circus being led by a circus master. Planes grounded for lack of maintenance that could have caused an explosion to Flight 800 TWA, but the execs put huge bonuses in their pockets one month later. This is ridiculous. I think I read Arpey was a baggage handler at one time and that his father worked for TWA, I guess Nepotism is part of the problem here. This man has brought so much shame to American Airlines, its employees, and America overall. He leaves a legacy of failure and disaste. I don't even believe the gates are protected. I remember the moonies hanging out there during the 60s and I am sure this is a hotel for other hangout criminals who have nowhere to go, namely other cults. I have dealt with these people in a one and one and believe me they should be nowhere near aircraft or an airport. American Airlines is the new Camp Davidian.
Posted by WOR on June 20, 2008 at 11:52 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I've had a similarly poor experience recently with American while trying to leave for my honeymoon. I'm astonished how little their employees care about their customers. The problem isn't just the CEO, it's the entire organization and they're attitude is only going to shoot themselves in the foot. But I say, good riddens. Can't wait for your organization to go under and make room for a new start-up. I can't put html into this comment, it won't allow it, but to read about my experience, visit
Posted by Joe on July 17, 2008 at 9:29 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I had been building up my AAMiles and accumulated enough to redeem them for 2 not so free seats to Paris. On the day of our departure, my wife was pregnant and wasn't very mobile that day, plus the traffic on the way to JFK wasn't the best, but at the end of the day we got there 55 minutes before the the flight was scheduled to depart. they didn't make any exceptions and booked us another flight later that day. I was pissed! 5 minutes late and you go and do this to me. I've flown over 250,000 miles on AA, but it didn't matter. IT GETS BETTER. on the flight the head flight attendant, a short bald, little jerk, was completely out of line and I could have easily knocked his teeth in but of course I wouldn't dare because who wants to be arrested on Federal Charges. I think that they know that they can get away with being rude, abrasive, just intolerable. Anyway, I got up out of my seat to go to the restroom and as the little snot went down the aisle he stopped next to where I was sitting and placed his foot on my seat as he reached for something in the overhead compartment. My wife was there and said that someone was sitting there and then he mumbled something under his breath that got a chuckle from his mates. When I came back and later confronted him, he turned around and said that his shoes weren't dirty and said that he already apologized.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable and AA has not given me any satisfaction after I've lodged a complaint with them. They don't care. So I am never, ever flying them again, unless I know for sure that that little prick is on the flight. I have a score to settle.
Posted by delavega on July 18, 2008 at 3:12 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Gerard Arpey is a theif. This piece of crap will go down in history as a loser. Who would ever hire this jerk after he so blatently bankrupts the company? He also has some strange things going on out of the AA gates of O'Hare. There is some prostitution ring running out of O'hare. When that is all uncovered Gerard Arpey will go down the tubes for sure. What a loser.
Posted by LKJ on July 23, 2008 at 10:35 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I remember June 2007 my girlfriend and I were flying to St Lucia from Boston by way of Miami to Puerto Rico. For some reason, our flight gets delayed in Miami, so of course, we miss the last connecting flight to St Lucia for the day. But apparently, unless you speak Spanish, they don't care about you in Puerto Rico. I'm not one that believes everyone should speak English, but the disrespect I was given was just crap. I fucking hate AA.
Posted by s on July 30, 2008 at 10:32 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
AA does suck.

About a year ago I flew American Airlines. I ran into an issue at
check in and complained to the supervisor at the terminal check in. I
made a bit of a stink about them wanting to charge me an additional
$50.00 because they claimed I did not get there in time. I actually
did, in my opinion, but it was their huge line and understaffing that
made me miss my plane.

On my return flight a few days later I am 'randomly selected for
additional screening'. I have flown a half dozen times since last
August and am picked every time now for this "random screening".

So I believe I am now on this list for sticking up for what I
was a wrong doing on American Airlines part.

My last flight they took my shoes and scanned them for chemicals.
Apparently there was trace residue from me fertalizing my lawn. That
was interesting being asked why chemicals were on my shoes.

So I went to the TSA and filled out the online form. But will they
take me off the list? Who knows what BS the person at American
Airlines must have done from me disputing the $50.00 credit card
charge. I wish I could remember this lady's name that gave me a hard

Big Brother is here and we are slowly loosing our freedoms. The two
lists maintained by the TSA are secret and you have no way of knowing
you were put on one (out of revenge, or legitimately).

But an extra special thank you American Airlines for hiring that trailer trash alcoholic who added me to the special list.
Posted by aasux on August 5, 2008 at 2:59 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
President Bush is have Federal authorities investigate Freddie Mac and Fannie May for possible Fraud. He should also have Gerard Arpey investigated for fraud and other crimes. He is clearly depleteing this airlines funds and putting them into his own pocket. He is also responsible for the financial devestation of this country because he is putting money into his pocket and laying off thousands of employees. How does his wife look at him? How can she sleep with a man that is a piece of shit? She must be a money hungry witch to stay with someone who blatantly steals money from AA and his employees. He is a loser and a pig. He needs to sit in jail.

Something very shady goes on at O'Hare. I have met some of these pilots and they have a forced prostitution ring that operates out of O'Hare. BEWARE some AA pilots are not what they seem. These guys are brutal and ruthless. They rape and murder. I shudder to think I will ever run into them again. Arpey you are going to jail.
Posted by lkk on September 26, 2008 at 1:38 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I am an employee of American Airlines. All of you sound like someone who just had a bad day. No one provided any comment of value, just rambling of insignificant things. You all are probably the same type of person who complains about everything and believes nothing is ever your fault!! If you honestly think that we want our customers to have a bad experience then you are majorly uninformed (and ignorant). I know plenty of people that consistently have excellent service on AA. Not one of you will EVER understand what it takes to run an Airline especially in times like these. For those of you who think AA employees hate their job? I don't think so, when I get to travel the world in first class for next to nothing...that would make anyone happy. I have never worked for a better organization. When you deal with the public, you will NEVER make everyone happy. So the bottom line is that you DO have a choice. Go ahead and fly Southwest. If all of your views were in fact what the rest of the world thinks, then AA would have already been out of business. However, we have positioned ourself to be one of the strongest airlines financially, with the help of loyal customers.
Posted by MC on November 22, 2008 at 11:00 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Kiss my ass. You guys have bad days EVERY DAY. You never leave on time. You blatantly lie about arrivals and departures. AA provides a public service but give worse service than the DMV. That company is built of a bunch of "Idontgiveadamn" employees. You don't care and it shows.

We don't know how to run an airline? Well unlike many of you most of us have flown airlines like Southwest, AirTran, and JetBlue. You take our money with the expectation that we leave and arrive when you say we will barring acts of god.

Why is it that when you were canceling flights one night at DFW because of a "storm", I end up at Love Field on Southwest leaving on time after cabbing across town?
Posted by Flight User on January 14, 2009 at 5:01 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I usually have to end up traveling with American Airlines when I frequently fly to New York. I suppose I get what I pay for ; the only reason I book with them is because its usually the cheapest way to go. There hasnt been one time where I have arrived at my destination on time, or early, with American Airlines. I'll actually tell you guys an intersting story about my most recent flight there on December 26th..

I get to the airport on time (around 4am), and I was worried that the lineup for the US Customs would make me miss my plane. With only a few minutes to my 'supposed' boarding time, I arrived at my gate. Well, they boarded 30 minutes late, so hell, I could have had a full out conversation with the Customs guy to kill time.

Anyway, we ended up boarding, and sitting around for another 15-20 minutes without going anywhere. Then El Capitano comes on and tells us there is a fuel problem, and they need to bring out a mechanic to take a look at it. So we wait around for another 15 minutes in this little, cheap airplane, and the capita comes on, telling us that its going to take a while. We had to go back into the airport into the gate waiting area, where we awaited the news about our flight. By this time, if things would have ran smoothly, I would have already been more than half way there to the JFK International in New york, but no. We sat around for almost 2 hours awaiting the news of the aircraft.. Meanwhile the crew that was supposed to fly our plane went back to the Hotel for a nap! Honestly, are you serious?

In the end, we were told to wait around until 10 for the news on the aircraft.We had to go back throgugh customs, reclaim our bags, and return to the ticketing booth. It was about 7am, so I think you can imagine my state of mind right now - I was not looking forward to waiting 3 hours for a bunch of idiots to tell me I wasnt going anywhere.

I decided to give up on the American Airlines staff, becuase they continued to tell me that 'they were still doing a test run on the airplane'. I talked to another representitive who told me my plane was going nowhere, and all the other flights for American Airlines were booked. Luckily there was one ticket for a Continental flight to Newark that departed at 3:30, and I got to ride on that plane instead... All I had to do was wait another 5 hours or so.

All in all, I got to my destination.. 10 hours later, with a different airline. Continental was on time though at least. So I can feel your pain about your three hour wait, but try almost 11 hours on for size! And me? I'm only 17, so I have the attention span of a kid - Solitaire on your Ipod get boring after a while.

Of course I will always expect an American Airline flight to be delayed - they always seem to have one problem or another. Will I book with them again? If they're the cheapest solution, most likely. If it comes down to it, i'd rather fly Air Canada or Continental again.

So I completely agree, 'YOU SUCK' American Airlines. But I'm cheap, so I guess i've got it coming for me.
Posted by Amber on January 14, 2009 at 8:55 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
AA, you can blow me. You have now fucked 2 of my holidays in London. The first being the lovely POS plane that flew to London in which the overhead lights could not be turned off in addition to NOT having any audio or video. You flight over night, get no sleep and then drive 3 hours in the UK. Does not make one a very happy person.
Now I have just been informed that AA has ONCE again canceled the DFW to LHR flight. Now my friends will not be coming to London for our girls holiday. I was here early for a wedding.
Thanks you sorry POS. But then again, that is why I ALWAYS fly Continental. I don't care if you put my ass up in first class on AA. I would rather stay home.
Appreciate your sorry ass job that you do and continue to blame on 9-11.
Just declare bankruptcy and die.
Posted by jhudson on February 18, 2009 at 11:18 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Preach on, Jhudson! Despite the single lame attempt in this comment thread by a supposed American Airlines employee ("MC... in case you may want to email that person directly)to defend American Airline's service (yes, I just spit), American Airline's reputation of being one of the largest contributors to the overall volume of global frustration and anger persists to this very day. I said it before and I'll say it again, American Airlines, YOU SUCK! Can I get an aaaamen....
Posted by dougboude on February 19, 2009 at 10:12 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I intend to see that piece of crap Gerard Arpey in court. I was gang raped by a group of his pig pilots out of O'hare Airport. I did a videotape for Congress and their request and had investigation opened by the Chicago Police Department. Last week, I filed with the State's Attorneys office. Gerard Arpey knows all about this forced prostitution ring and does nothing because he is involved. How could his pilots rape women all over Chicago without him knowing about it. He is a loser and piece of dog dirt. When his children realized what an evil man he is, they will turn their backs on him.

These pilots claimed they murdered two workers of mine who didn't show up for work on day. Tammy Frye, Chicago, Illinois, never showed up for work and was never heard from again. At my gang rape, they told me they raped, tortured, shot and murdered Tammy. Beth Allenson didn't show up for work and she was found with a shotgun blast to the head.

Please read my story at:

Beware, they target anyone they feel has wronged them. They are severally psychologically impaired. They are filth. AA pilots at O'hare Airport, I will see you in court.
Posted by Gina Romano on February 24, 2009 at 12:51 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Why did Lisa Arpey marry, to get money. She is trash just like her husband. She thought marrying a rich guy would take her from trash to riches, but people still look at her as golddigger. Any real women with respect and values would left a husband who clearly robbing American Airlines into the ground.

I think she might have been a galley rag looking for an easy way out. I feel bad for real FAs.

Lisa honey you made your bed and we all know you sleep in it. Trash
Posted by SomeoneWhoKnows on March 18, 2009 at 4:19 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Just thought I'd add to the growing list of negative testimonials since I took a trip last week from San Antonio to Ontario, CA. I flew Southwest, of course (you consistently rock, southwest!), but when I went to get my Hertz rental car it took me nearly 2 hours! The line was snaking way past the counter and was moving slooooow. Turns out that there was a huge sudden influx of people renting vehicles because American Airlines had completely canceled their flights from Ontario to San Antonio, and all those stranded passengers were renting cars so they could DRIVE the 25 hours back to Texas! Freakin' American Airlines, you found a way to screw me even though I don't use your "services" anymore! You gotta suck REAL BAD to pull that one off!
Posted by dougboude on April 8, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting a of filthy stew broads out of O'Hare Airport--American pigs. I watched this stews bang a group of men to get what the wanted. I didn't want to watch but was forced. Some were hemorphadites and they were disgusting. Whatever you heard negative about pilots is true. They are filthy stinking pigs who can't get enough crotch. They are lonely, pathetic losers.

Fly American, you might meet up with one of these sluts.
Posted by StewBroads on April 19, 2009 at 4:24 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
American Airlines is a JEW slave trade business. They sell white women to men who pay. I have been a victim and am still trying to out run them. They are filthy stinking pigs. Some Jews make money off of other people. I was one of them.
Posted by SomeoneWhoKnows on April 20, 2009 at 2:34 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Have been a loyal AA flier for years and spent LOTS of money with these clowns and racked up lots of miles which they took back from me with a change of their terms that I didnt know about.

Called their customer service. Truly white trash and low life service. I picture their call center employees working out of a run down trailer park and they are all wearing their prsion release ankle bracelets.

Trult a filthy outfit with slimeballs working for them. I can only hope and recommend that alot of people get fed up with them and they stop flying with these clowns so they go out of business.
Posted by american sucks on July 15, 2009 at 7:56 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Well, I thought I heard everything when I overheard American Airlines pilots talking among each other at O'Hare C Gate. They were talking about, yes, "murdering and raping" women throughout Chicagoland and that they are part of the Chicago Ripper Crew. Something very sad and sick goes on at O'Hare Airport. Beware these pilots, some are just plain mentally ill.
Posted by Mina on December 10, 2009 at 4:11 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
There is a snotty little flight attendant by the name of Valerie Beck at Gate C of O'Hare Airport. Valerie fronted herself as a Mary Kay Representative and I was recruited under her. Shortly afterwards my problems started, I was raped, gang raped and stalked by a group of American Airline pilots. I could figure out why this happened, but as it intensified I learned more about the crimes against me. Apparently when Valerie was at a sales meeting a man saw me and sent a note to me, Valerie Beck intercepted the note and stood up at the meeting in front of me and called me a BITCH in front of everyone. Valerie never gave me the note, but I found out later that she hired the Jewish mob who are American Airline pilots to take a "hit" out on me for my Mary Kay business and because she liked the man who left me the note and she wants him. Several coworkers, friends and family members either disappeared or died mysteriiously because of this little snot who is a virgin because she won't sleep with a man until she has a "rich husband". Valerie has many sexual problems and is an evil freak. All my clothes and furniture were destroyed, etc., because of this jealous little monster. Beware American Airlines hides many felon pilots and fake flight attendants who will murder for a pair of underwear. (not saying all employees are bad but the Jewish run part is the Jewish Mob and many employees are taken advantage of and held captive, including small children)
Posted by Gina on January 5, 2010 at 4:03 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
American Airlines Sucks, I flew from cali colombia to new york, I flew with pets, on my way to colombia I had no problems, on the return I was told that i was unable to take the pets that I went with and that if I wanted to I would have to purchase new kennels for them, they did not accept credit cards or dollars that it will have to be on their local currency, needless to say i had to leave one dog behind, when i contacted aa customer service after a long wait they stated that the agent was wrong, when i told the agent he said this is colombia and we do what we want.. will never fly AA again, now wonder why their pilots rather crash than keep flying for them.
Posted by dominicanhitman on January 10, 2010 at 2:38 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
I will also say it here too, "American Airlines Sucks!"

I was so shaken by my AA experience I decided to create a Facebook Page ( and a YouTube video documenting how AA egregiously broke my bicycle, lied to my face about it, and refused to compensate me for their blatant negligence:

It felt good to do something creative not only to let out all of my anger and extreme disappointment with how AA treated me, but to help others steer clear of the same fate. Maybe by doing this I will receive an overdue apology from AA . . .

If AA plans to become a profitable company, that you, I, and others would be proud to fly with, big things have to change!
Posted by Rich Martin on June 6, 2010 at 4:35 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Wow shocking how consistently bad they are, I Absolutely agree!! I have an itinerary with two flights to my destination and two flights back from. I am sitting in an airport waiting right now. 2 out of the 3 flights so far have been delayed by a minimum of 3 hours each for maintenance issues. And American Airlines really does not care at all!!!! Nope not a bit. Really it is a two bad for you situation. Pretty much you chose us and now you are stuck with us. To add insult to injury American Airline flights gong to the same destination have left since we have been waiting. Talk about a way to ruin someones day.... Fly American!
Posted by k. vandiver on October 21, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
On March 29, 2011 I was coming home from Jamaica on flight 1190 to JFK Airport.....First we board the plane I get a seat with a broken seat belt the lock mechanisim was gone, Then the old lady behind us was told she could not sit in her assigned seat because that was an exit door that weighed 50 lbs and she was not able to open it, the old lady said okay I will move can you get me another seat, stewardess replied, ask someone to switch with you(rudely) so I switched with her so she didn't have to go around asking others, Into the flight I decided to look out the window so I proceeded to pickup the shade to find a dirty window with all kinds of crud on it. I proceeded to shut the shade and read a magazine that was in the holder in front of me, I opened the pouch to get the magazine to find garbage still in it. At that moment I was disgusted, so I stayed still for the rest of the flight until departure not doing or touching anything, We get off at Kennedy go though customs to be told our luggage was delayed ten minutes. 3 1/2 house later no luggage I went to an AA employee who made it clear he wasn't in charge and had no answers, so I asked who was in charge he said he didn't know....I, at that point was disgusted more for the mothers with small children who needed to go to the bathroom and were told they could not leave it was a secure sight so children were going in there pants, approximately ten seats to sit down with 140 people there....AA is absolutely the worst Airlines all they want is the money they could care less on how passengers are treated of how they take care of there Airplanes.....I wrote to them a nasty letter they responded with thank you for the great things you said about our Airline. Idiots obviously did not read my letter and it shows they really don't give a sh** about there passengers........
Posted by kathy1172 on March 31, 2011 at 9:06 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
Flight was canceled so they rebooked me with a United Airlines flight instead. However, the United Flight ended up leaving late, causing me to miss my connecting flight, which was an AA flight, at O'Hare. It was the last flight from O'Hare to Los Angeles so I was booked for the earliest flight the next day. However, they REFUSED to provide me with a hotel because the flight was canceled due to "weather". What the fuck? Weather? Then how did the United flight they rebooked me on leave 20 minutes later? And why did the pilot himself tell me the plane broke down? It was a perfectly clear day as well. Guess they didn't want to pay for my hotel. So I ended up spending the night in the airport as I had no money on me. Fuck AA, I'll be willing to pay an extra $100 to fly on another airline.
Posted by Edward on June 2, 2011 at 6:03 AM

Re: American Airlines, YOU SUCK!
So yours was one of the stories that made me feel sane in some sort of sick, sad, screwed-by-AA camaraderie:
Posted by Alison on July 23, 2013 at 4:48 PM

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