The Most Popular Social Media Platforms Of 2017

Social media has had a great and unparalleled effect and impact in the modern society and its shaping. If figures are to be believed, it is estimated that there are more than 2 billion active social media users. Further, internet users today manage an average of 5.54 social media accounts. Well, that’s a whopping figure, no? It goes without saying that social media has turned out to be a revolution, and this craze is only going to get bigger in 2017.

Social media and people

There are a large number of social media websites and applications in the digital world today. And the numbers are only growing day by day. They allow us to connect with people who share common likes and interest with you and to share your ideas and work with the outside world. Even today, Facebook still remains the leader when it comes to most active users. It is closely followed by other websites like Twitter and LinkedIn. When it comes to mobile applications and users, Facebook still retains its top position when it comes to a number of active users. Whatsapp is also a leading application that is used by people to communicate and stay in contact with their loved ones. As per a stat, Whatsapp and Facebook handle more than 50 billion messages a day!

Social Media Platforms

Other applications like Instagram and Snapchat are also slowly growing in use and download. They allow you to share your daily life in the form of stories and pictures that your friends and family can see along with the world.

Social media apps and the 21st century

According to surveys, Instagram is the second most popular social app among millennial with 43 percent penetration on the target demographics mobile phone and is closely followed by Snapchat with nearly 34 percent. Facebook is still a winner with more than 75 percent penetration.

  • Facebook

Facebook still remains to be the most widely used social media platform. With more than 1.86 billion monthly active users, it is impossible to find someone today who doesn’t have a Facebook account. What began as a small college community has now become one of the biggest and most visited websites on the internet.

  • Instagram for smartphones and PC

Instagram has made it possible for us to share our stories and works with the outside world and our loved ones in the form of pictures, photos, and videos. It has quickly grown in popularity and use over the years. The new features and updates have enabled downloading of Instagram for PC. This has enabled for easier access and functionality. The Instagram for PC feature has made it easier to share pictures and videos.


The impact that social media and its use have had on our life and the society as a whole cannot be overlooked. And we can be sure without the slightest bit of doubt that they will continue to have a great impact and effect on the days to come. With the growing technology and advancements in the field of networking and computers, the use and functionality of social media website and applications have no limit.  It is always important to keep in touch with our loved ones and the social media has never made it easier.